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"Hello there! I see you were trying to reach me! What a wonderful idea! Sadly, the great Papyrus is unavailable to take your call at the moment, but that's okay! I'll probably call you back in about a minute, so go ahead and state your name and business!"

((OOC note: Papyrus nearly always answers on the first ring, so you can also go ahead and play it like that happened if you like.))
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Best way to get in touch with me is to PM this account or hit me up on plurk (I'm [ profile] karkat_vantas)!

Since I'm lazy and like to consolidate posts, this is also my HMD! Here's where you can leave positive or constructive feedback on how I'm doing with Papyrus! He's a new muse, so anything's welcome.

Anon is on, IP logging off, and it'll stay that way unless someone abuses it.
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[ OOC ]

Backtagging: No problem at all, believe me. I pretty much rely on this.

Threadhopping: I make sure to mark threads private if they're not open for threadjack. If you're not sure, ask!

Fourthwalling: Papyrus has skated close to fourthwalling himself, so I'm gonna take this one on a case-by-case basis. Talk to me if you want to try it!

Offensive subjects: I'm not easily offended! I do have a serious squick about bad things happening to hands and feet, though. Especially fingernails.

[ IC ]

Hugging this character: Sure! He's an affectionate guy. Pile 'em on!

Kissing this character: Maybe on the cheekbone or something, but he doesn't have lips, so...

Flirting with this character/Relationships: FL-FLIRTING??? Okay but here's the thing. If your character flirts with Papyrus in a way that doesn't go completely over his head, he's such a sweet person that he might just feel obligated to ask them out on a date. He's a little too innocent for any sort of REAL relationship, but I'm forever open to cute fluff!

Easiest way to get on his bad side: He doesn't really have one! Like, if someone were to go after his brother he'd be very insistent that they please stop that immediately before someone gets hurt, but it's not possible to get Papyrus to hate anyone. Don't try. It won't happen and you'll feel super bad.

Easiest way to get on his good side: Everyone is already on it by default! He thinks you're all very cool.

Can I hack his journal?: Oh, god. If he has a device of any kind, it's totally hackable. His password is probably his username with a 1 after it. Just get ready for endless spaghetti recipes and selfies.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/etc? Probably, but ask first.

Sexual orientation: Purity.

Fighting with this character: Absolutely, he'd be happy to! What a great way to hone your strength. Even the captain of the Royal Guard had to admit that Papyrus is tough, and he seems to have a pretty good time in battle.

Injuring this character: Yeah, if you want! Let's discuss it first though.

Killing this character: In a death-is-cheap game? Yeah, probably, let's plot something! If it's permadeath though, no.

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: I suppose, but again, let's plot it out first!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!! First off, like another muse of mine, Papyrus types and writes in all caps. While I won't actually be doing his text/writing in papyrus font, he'll be on cruise control unless you drop me a reply here or PM asking me not to.

Also, his powers. One of his abilities is to turn his opponent's soul blue during battle, which basically means it's affected by gravity and your character will have a hard time getting up off the floor. I'll always ask for OOC permission if it looks like a thread might be going that way, but if you'd like to insta-opt out or work out some kinda issue, by all means let's do that!

THIRDLY. Papyrus is annoying. And now he can contact pretty much anyone on the ship at any time. Since he's definitely the type of guy who'll take his Morale Officer duty seriously, I plan to have him try to befriend everyone and check up on people. TL;DR: Given permission, I'm going to blow up your inboxes.


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